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Hi I have this array, if I wanted to identify if something appeared, like “Ice” has done in this list and store it in a string variable how would I do this?

Hi @Karan_Chauhan

Iterate the array variable arrweak with for each loop activity.
Take a If condition and write like CurrentItem = “Ice” in then block take an assign activity create a string variable. In assign Variable1 = CurrentItem. Then it will store the Ice in the variable1.

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Hi @Karan_Chauhan

Use For each
Inside for each
If CurrentItem=“Ice”
Assign: Str_Var= CurrentItem

Hope it helps!!

yourArrayVar.Contains(“Ice”) will return true when an item with the value Ice is present in the list

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sorry I want it to be dynamic, Ice was just an example as it had happened there but it could either come up or be a different wording.

Hi @Karan_Chauhan

Use For each activity and inside for each use if condition and write the condition as Currentitem = “ice” and within if condition take assign activity and assign the current item to that variable.


Also if it appeared twice is what I meant

Also if it appeared twice is what I meant

whenever we write in an sample a hardcoded value we can also dynamize it by a variable.

We would more recommend to more detail specify the requirements

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Hi @Karan_Chauhan ,

U want to identify the “ice” in the array use


it returns a boolean result(true/false)

and you want to get the “ice” word from the array use this expression :




If you add a break activity after the assign activity then the loop gets stopped if not the value will be re-assigned to that variable.

Hello @Karan_Chauhan

Use the below expression in the Assign activity :
Assign Value TestStr (Type array of String) = (from item in arrWeak where item.Equals(“Ice”) Select item).ToArray()


I don’t understand the point of getting the value from the array. You already know the value is Ice because you checked if Ice exists in the array.

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