Array Help

Hi everybody,

I need some help with Array. So lets say I created an array: {“url0”, “url1”, “url2”}
What I want to do is:

  1. to get the first url0 and do some stuff on url0, webpage .
  2. Check if the Array is not at the end.
  3. Get url1 and do some other stuff on url1 webpage
  4. Check again if the array is at end.
  5. Get url2 and do some other stuff.
  6. check if is empty! If yes Job Done.

Can somebody help Please

Thank you


Seems like the For each activity (documented bellow) is exactly what you need


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Hi @Prog,
Below i have attached sample for project for ur situation .

File : Array (4.1 KB)


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Thank you @balupad14

Welcome @Prog .