Array contains/any is missing

Hi Experts,
This is very weird to me, I am doing very basic operation on a array of Strings to check if any particular city exists in an array of cities using contrains/any OOTB functions, but I am not seeing any. Can someone reply asap?



Write the condition and then check once what error it is giving here.


I have given screenshot lakshman, it’s not there. and I am getting compiler error if do so

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It’s weird. And also i can see there are some updates for packages you used here. Could you please update those packages and give it a try once.

Hi @aman.kumar.monga.09,
Try using below
Int var= Array.indexOf(vBusinessCities,“your cityname”)
If city does not exist in the array then Int var will be -1
Else the actual index of your city in the array.

Hope this will work for you.

Using latest packages, seems there is some other issue. If I loop through array then it works fine. I was in middle of my certification and this error wasted my whole time.

All String array functions are missing, IndexOf is also missing.


May i know what .NET framework version do you have ?

And also import these two name spaces and try once - System.Core and System.Linq

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Ok thanks, where I have to import namespaces manually?


You can find an option Imports beside Variable and Arguments panel.

Click on Imports and enter those two namespaces and try it once.

System.Core is missing
but imported system.linq


.NET Framework version ?

Go to Section in Uipath studio and show me screenshot of it. Here, you will find .NET Framework version.

Following is screenshot where it’s showing 4.7.2 but I am not sure why it’s not showing in installed software list

Thank you everyone, issue is resolved. I haven’t closed studio from 3-4 days which was causing some issue. It’s resolved once restarted.

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