Arrange items follow with 2 conditions

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I have sample and need to be completed as below.

I have two excel files, source file and destination file. The destination file will be arrange from Source file with 2 conditions:

It will find model has " capacity " column is highest and then is “%” column highest from Source File and input into Destination file.

Pls support me by XAML file for this case.

Thanks you so much!

Source.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Destination.xlsx (8.2 KB)

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hi @trunghai

can try the below, might help for you

.sortExcel.xaml (4.8 KB)


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Hi @Ajju

Thanks you so much.

I have understood. But with conditions as above, i want to make Destination file with format as attached from Source file .

The format on destination file is fixed.

How to do that ?

Thanks you in advance!
Source.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Destination.xlsx (8.8 KB)

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Hi @Ajju

I have checked result on your xaml file. It sorted the Capacity column only. I want if the models has same capacity, it will check and find the model which has % column larger.

The conditions will based on Capacity column and % column