Arrange DataTable column throws Job stopped with unexpected exit code

Hi devs, I used filter datatable output columns to arrange datatable columns but I got the error RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352. please is there an alternative to it?

Hello @RPA-botDev

Why you have used filter datatable to arrange the columns?

Can you share the screenshot of the workflow which you created and the requirement?

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can you provide a little more context? eg what did the datatable you put into the filter datatable look like and what filter options did you use?

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This is a shot of it, we have more than 11 columns and data rows of about 250000 rows, the requirement is to re arrange the column name

I hope the error may have happened as you have more number of rows in the excel.

Can you share the full log here

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Hi Rahul, I checked the datatable and discovered it threw out of memory, probably that might be the cause. I am asssigning it as
convertlistToDt = mlist.CopyToDataTable
How do I prevent out of memory issue at this point pls


How you are getting this excel? Is there any possbility to split the data while retrieving to 2 excels?

instead of rearranging the columns in a filter activity can you create a new Datatable and add the columns you want in your specific order

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