Armstrong Number

How to Create Armstrong Number??

@rubellatoxic - do you have any range of numbers ( o to 1000) or just randomly choose numbers between 0 to infinity ?

Just Randomly.Any Numbers

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Hello. I have created an xaml file that identifies Armstrong numbers.
IsArmstrong.xaml (7.6 KB) Please refer to the attached file.

Thank you.

Thanks so much

Could you Please also show,How to check Palindrome Number???

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Hello. I will attach the Xaml file below.
IsPalindrome.xaml (5.9 KB)

It’s an easy algorithm, so implementing it will help development capabilities.
Click the Solution button if it helped.
Thank you.

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Hello There, In Armstrong Xaml File The While Activity is Missing and How do i use NUMBERS in these activities like u did these without using numbers right ?? Plz help me out

It is a project dependency issue.
I’ll attach full project folder (30.1 KB)

If that doesn’t work, try tapping Repair Recovery or write it down again. I will give you the entire code as a screenshot.

Thanks,But How do i print these things, Should i use Message Box or Type Into to work with the numbers??I don’t know plz share the complete file