Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

Dear Friends,

I have problem with my process, it always stop after line 329 with “Aritmetic operation resulted in an overflow”

I am using 16 decision flows, with calculation in each condition. This is example of my syntax:

(Cint(in_TransactionItem(12)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(13)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(14)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(15)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(16)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(17)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(18)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(19)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(20)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(21)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(22)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(23)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(24)) + Cint(in_TransactionItem(25))) = (Cint(AllDataAgent.Rows.Count) + Cint(AllDataAgent.AsEnumerable.Sum(Function(x) Convert.ToInt32(x(“nCapacity”).ToString.Trim)))) And in_TransactionItem(42).ToString = AllDataAgent.Select(“[AgentNo]='”+convert.ToString(NoAgen)+“'”).ElementAt(0)(“Open_Operational”).ToString And in_TransactionItem(43).ToString = AllDataAgent.Select(“[AgentNo]='”+convert.ToString(NoAgen)+“'”).ElementAt(0)(“Close_Operational”).ToString

In the process I take data repetitively from SQL Database (because I don’t know how to transfer data from get transaction data while I already have another data as transactionitem.

I can make sure the total calculation will not more than integer range.

Anyone can help me?

Can you try them in individual write line or message box activitites and check if you are missing anything or is it getting any string values so that you can rectify them @Deny_Adi_Purwanto

Thank you Hareesh, I have already try and find that there is miss data input in our database.

Is there any way to replace particular syntax in this case “CInt” become “CLng” on all project?

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You need to use another if statement before the summation to check if there are any values null. So that you can avoid the error

It means that CInt argument is out of range of Integer, -0x80000000 to 0x7FFFFFFF And it happens when NetApiBufferFree returns an error: error codes are bigger than 0x80000000.

There is no unsigned int32 type, so use CLng instead of CInt.


Ty so much, you helped me with that issue :raised_hands: