Arguments on an Invoke. Passing only Config vs Detailed list or arguments

Hi Community,

I need your help here.
When you have a workflow, what is the advantage of detailing all the input arguments and then feeding those with information from Config (dictionary), when I can simple input the Config and then inside of the workflow whenever required I call for the var from the Config?
Wouldn't it make the workflow cleaner? Of course, it would only be reusable for prpjects using Reframework (or at least having the config file logic).

Hope my question is clear and Tks for any support in advance.


The advantage of using a dictionary (config) as an argument is in its ability to simplify the process of passing multiple values. As the number of arguments increases, using a dictionary makes it more efficient and less cumbersome. This approach also enhances code readability and maintainability, making it easier to manage and understand the various parameters involved.

If you just pass a config, it’s a little bit more work involved to create test workflows, since the config object more difficult to initiate with the values you require. Also as you mentioned, using plain values you get a workflow that’s easier reusable in other processes.

But in this case the only argument that you’ll see is in_Config. If you want to know which keys from the config you’re using you’ll need to go through the module as they are not stated as arguments. Isn’t that more difficult to understand? Having the arguments declared will not be in this case a better approach?