Arguments of the invoked workflows are not working properly

Please look at the following zip file and explain me what i did wrong as i am unable to execute the workflow correctly (19.3 KB)

Can you please explain what is the error that you are getting?

the io_deviceName argument is coming blank in the flipkart and amazon workflows, because of which the corresponding workflows are not getting executed properly

For the form.xaml workflow, give both arguments as “out” instead of “in/out” as we are getting values from that workflow to main.
For Amazon and Flipkart workflow, the io_DeviceName should be an “in” argument instead of in/out.
Please change it accordingly and try it out. :slight_smile:

i am getting (19.3 KB)

Can you check if this is how you have passed the arguments ? I think after changing the direction of arguments, you haven’t passed the values again.

i am sending this way

and if your workflow is working kindly send
so that i can check and understand what i did wrong
because i cant understand anything (75.1 KB)
This is the updated code. After changing the direction of arguments, you have to again pass the values.
Hope this helps.

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it worked
thankyou :slight_smile:

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