Arguments not saving

I have a fresh version of 2018.4.3 (I do not have the ability to upgrade) and when I try to to add arguments they aren’t recognized and when I close and reopen my project the arguments aren’t there. Anyone see this problem before?

dont remember which version has a problem like that …but you can see your arguments in the properties panel … could you check if your arguments are there?

May I know where you are adding arguments
Ensure that whenever arguments is supplied with value click on Arguments option in the property panel of invoke workflow activity
Don’t click on the Import argument option as it would import freshly the argument and it won’t have any values in it. So that could be the reason
And also once after assign importing argument with import argument option and values assign by clicking on argument options in the property panel Save the workflow…that could be also a reason

Cheers @Will_Tyler

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My arguments are being added here:

When I try to run the project I get that the arguments aren’t declared. When I close and reopen the project the arguments disappear.

This is on a State Machine form.

I’m putting the arguments in the arguments section. When I try to run it I get a message that the arguments aren’t declared. When I close the project and reopen it the arguments aren’t there.

Hi guys, any solution for that? I’m exactly with the same problem.

When I experienced the same issue, I found this thread which didn’t resolve my issue, however a different thread on a different search did.

My resolution involved that I inadvertently added an ImplementationVersion value to the workflow. The resolution was to leave that property value as blank everywhere, here is link to more details UiPath Library: Assigning an Implementation Version eliminates Arguments list on Save - #2 by GenXDo

So if you are having this problem and do have an ImplementationVersion set then look into that situation.