Arguments being imported not same as in WF


I have following arguments being passed when I say IMPORT and Save:

But the Arguments look like this when I open the WF. Why are they blank:

Try printing your arguments in GetTransactionData workflow in message box, you will get the desired values.
The highlighted field is to pass default values, the imported values will not be visible here.


It’s correct only and inside the workflow it won’t have any values under Default Value field and here you specified directions as In. I e. It’s accepting input from other workflow and we have to pass it by going to Edit arguments option of Invoke WorkFlow Activity and same already you done.

Are you getting any error here ?

Hi @lakshman

Thanks for the assistance. I get the following error:

Arguments below:

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Hello @ColinCrabtree
for second error
Change datatype of out_transactionItem Datarow from DataRow



for first error please share screenshot of GetTranscationItem workflow


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HI @sandeep13

I changed it like this:

But then get validation error on following screenshot:

Cannot assign from type ‘System.Data.DataRow[]’ to type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ in Assign activity 'End Process’

Just re-write the same text again in Assign activity Nothing

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I have the same issue in the 2019.6.0.


Hi @sandeep13

I tried retyping it. I also tried retyping TransactionItem but the warning did not go away.
I solved it by re-adding the activity and then deleting the one with the error. This does not make sense so i am assuming its a bug in UiPath itself:


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