I am passing a counter value as an argument from Main to Sequence1 as In_Out_Counter.

In Sequence1 incrementing In_Out_Counter few times.

Passing In_Out_Counter as argument to Sequence2 which is being called from Sequence1.

Again incrementing In_Out_Counter in Sequence2.

I am not finding the incremented In_out_Counter value from Sequence2 being reflected in Sequence1.

What am I doing wrong? I did not declare local variables. Directly incrementing In_out_counter and passing as an argument.

Is there a simpler way? Can I use a global variable to use across these Sequences? how?

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Yes you can use a global variable…just declar it and it can be called anywhere in project

And now…check if both of your argument directions are in/out…

One more thing can be that you might be replacing or did not pass the argument at all check the import arguments

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Hi @A_Learner

It is very important to name arguments in a certain order, so that the flow directions will not be confusing when they move in multiple xamls. In your case, you can name it as io_counter.

Since you are sending the argument from main to seq1 & want that back till main, you can mention the direction as in/out. Once you make changes to the counter in seq1 & sending it to seq2, it is important to keep the direction again as in/out. By this way, any changes made in seq2 will come back to seq1 & the same argument flow till main.

If you wish to create a global variable for the same, you can refer this thread:

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Thank you, @Anil_G and @arjunshenoy
Excellent input!

I fixed the issue.

Thanks again’


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