Argument gets reset

Hi, i have a strange problem when i use invoke workflow and pass in a datetime argument like this “[10/31/2020 00:00:00]” . When inside the invoked workflow the datetime shows up like this “[01/01/0001 00:00:00]” i want to keep the first argument value. Can anyone help?

  1. Check if you have assigned any value inside workflow. Especially, in the variable pane.

There are no variables set in the workflow

Check if you are passing it within the scope. Could you post a screenshot of how do you pass the argument and how are using it in the workflow.

You have not supplied any values to be passed to invoked workflow (Regulation and Documentation). You will have to pass the values of in_StartDate, in_EndDate and in_Appendix if you are going to use it in the invoked workflow.

How does it take value just by creating an argument? It has to pick it up from somewhere, be it in config file or from asset or from a variable.

In this case, it has taken a default value since you haven’t passed anything

But the in_startDate and in_endDate already have a value before i use invoke workflow

You will have to pass those in Value column of Invoke Workflow File. So that it goes into the invoked workflow.

What do you see in Name column are just Argument names. The in type argument takes value from the workflow where you are invoking. You will have to supply that.

Great! thanks for the help

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