Argument Exception on New Uipath but not older version?

If( live.ToString.IsNullOrEmpty or live.ToString.Contains(“Live”) ){
//Stuff happens.

I’m getting this error in the statement
Overload resolution failed because no accessible ‘IsNullOrEmpty’ is most specirfic for these arguments:

Extension method ’ Public function IsNullOrEmpty() As Boolean defined in System.Extensions Not most specific.

I guess this was working before we did the big update to the new Upath, and now it’s not working. I’m not supposed to change it, we want to know why this is happening, because there are issues with other workflows as well, we want to be able to fix all of them. I think they are similar issues as far as I understand. Any ideas?

I realize I could just provide it with an argument, or write it differently, but we are wanting to know why this wasn’t a problem before, and now it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Just a suggestion,

Can you try updating all the packages using in the sequence…

So I figured out it was just outdated use of the method. It requires arguments to be included.

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