Are you obsessed with constantly learning?

As an experienced developer, I find myself constantly learning, often times to the degree of obsession. You would think that after 7 years in the industry that I would be getting better and not have to constantly learn, but it has the opposite effect. The better I get, the more I realize that I don’t know, and I have am always on the path of catching up. For example, I can spend the entire month of January on brushing up on CSS, then February would be nuxt.js and vue. Then, I realize that I need to brush up on my ability to design RESTful Apis, so I spend the entire month of March on that. In terms of mastery, I feel like I am getting better, I have learnt so many things since the beginning of the year. If I didn’t spend the time on learning these topics, it will always be on the back of my mind that I lack knowledge in these areas. I am not claiming myself as a master of these topics, so I may need to revisit them in a few months (to brush up and learn more). Some of these topics are related to my tasks at my work, but a lot of them are driven by my own personal curiosity (and may indirectly aid me in my work in the future). I have a backlog of things to learn, for example, CloufFormation, Redis, CQRS, Gridsome, GraphQL, and the list keeps on growing.

Anyways, back to my question. Have you ever felt the same way about learning topics that you curious about, almost to the point of obsession? Do you think that it is good or bad?

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