Are User Defined Functions possible in UiPath

I need to create user defined functions that I can maintain from a central location, but I cant work out if it is even possible in UiPath.

Using the library to store snippets doesn’t meet my needs. It allows me to copy snippets in to my projects, so I don’t have to renter everything from scratch, but if I then edit the original snippet it does not update my main program.

If I cant implement some sort of UDF my particular application will become a nightmare from a maintenance point of view. I have a lot of calculations that are repeated across dozens of processes that I want to automate. The calculations need to be consistent across all of these processes, but I need to be able to easily update those calculations to reflect changes in our industry (which happens fairly frequently).

you can create a library with all user defined functions and add the library to your project and make use of your functions.


you can create your own activities, create a nuget package, publish and make use of your own activities.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik,

Am I using libraries wrong or confusing them with something else? Here is what I have tried; (1) I create a snippet of UiPath programming in my library (2) I drag this in to my main chunk of programming and everything works fine. (3) I edit the snippet in the library (4) I go back to my main programming and the snippet I originally dragged in is as it was in step 2 i.e. unedited/updated.

Sorry if I’m explaining it badly, but all that seems to be happening is I’m just copying and pasting in snippets of programming.

I suspect creating activities is going to be the answer and I need to dust off my VB skills. I was hoping to keep everything a bit more self contained but that maybe down to me expecting the wrong things from UiPath.

Thanks again

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