Are these studio bots limited to execute few jobs?

I was using Studio bot for less than a week. But one day when I wanted to run a job using Studio bot, after selecting the process I am unable to see the list of bots.

But after reading in the forum when I changed the bot type to Unattended again it is available in the jobs section. But in terms and conditions, it is mentioned that under community edition Unattended bots should be used for troubleshooting purposes only.

Earlier I was able to use the Studio bots for the execution of the processes, but now I have to use Unattended bots for the same. Is there any limitation to studio bots?

There is a difference with robot licensing type.
For Community version - Studio type is use only for development purpose.
To verify the changes with non-prod environment - change to the unattended robot.
Once your verification complete - pls change it back to Studio for development activities.

I have tried that as well because to publish your latest package to orchestrator you need to have studio bot.

I have changed from unattended to studio, but still the same issue is happening. If again am again using unattended then it’s showing in job section. To test the workflow I have executed quite a few times using studio bot.

That’s why had a query, Is this studio bot limited to few job runs?

No it is not limited by number of job executions, but as of 20.3 you cannot trigger jobs via Orchestrator using a Studio type Robot.

You either need to change the robot type to a unattended / non-production type or execute the process via the UiPath Assistant / Desktop Agent.

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This is what I was looking for. Now with the latest update I wasn’t able to use studio bot from orchestrator to execute the job.

Actually, I was trying to run the bot using an API request from a web application. But, now I have to change that to Unattended type to execute the workflow.

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