Are there an existing libraries with Uipath examples?

Hello guys, greetings, I don’t know if exist another library where I can search some many examples about the specific topics, I mentioned that I start in a new job, and this company have a RPA department, actually I passed all training but, I have a new assignment that is teach to new trainees the enviroment of UiPath. However, I’m trying to use simple examples but as the environment is different I can’t put the same examples when I was in the college, because probably them confusing. I’m doing my proper types of examples but I believe that is much better for them, see how UiPath apply their statement in the correct way, because I do some many mistakes in different ocassion and cut the fluicity of my explanation. I know that exist Documentation, this forum and searching in Internet but this guys are confused.

Have a look at There are tons of components that are free to download. If you open the nuget packages as ZIP files, you can see the underlying code behind the libraries.

How does it work?

If you right click the file and go to “Open with…”, you can select a program like 7-zip to open the file. Then you can extract the contents.

I’m sorry for my bad redaction I’m new with English, I want to say, What do is the section? into the URL that you comment, and where I can download the examples?

Click the dropdown where your login icon (EC) is located and go to components. You’ll find a lot there, including libraries.

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Thanks, great orientation.

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