Are Tasks now known as Actions in 2020?


My team and I have upgraded to version 2019.10 studio and Orchestrator but for some reason the actual “Tasks” tab under “Automatons” in Orchestrator just isn’t there.

I couldn’t find anything related to this issue at all. I have made sure that we are running 2019.10.14 but simply cannot access the Tasks page.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I have it


and I’m using 2019.12.6 version.

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It isn’t visible in the Cloud Orchestrator as well. Any reason why? It was visible before?




Confirmed from this academy video:

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I got back to this item after a while. I’m posting my question in a different take:

Are Tasks in Orchestrator now known as Actions?

I googled Orchestrator Tasks in Google and this page came up in the search:

When I clicked on the link, it took me to this page:

Can someone kindly clarify? This is causing some confusion in setting up my Environment to learn Orchestration processes. I compared the screens from the Academy course with my own CE Orchestrator, and I see this:

From Academy:

From My Orchestrator (2020):