Are Other Companies Actively Working Against RPA?

I have noticed that some web sites or PDFs code their things differently to make it harder for RPA developers? Is this a true statement?

For example, if you go to Amazon on a desktop and search for “car toy” vs “books” each gives you a different structured data which makes it harder to extract. Do they make it dynamic on purpose to hurt RPA developers?

Another example is the ATT bill below, why when using Get Text indicate on screen UiPath only highlights the first characters and not the whole thing(Date). The last character (0) is recognize as a separate element. I haven’t had this issues with other PDFs. What are some options to extract the whole Date?See pics attached.

Also when trying to use Anchor Base and selecting “Issue Date” as the anchor and selecting the Date as the get text it only brings back the colon (:slight_smile: I think the space in between makes it error. Using an anchor above or below works better. Anyone else experienced this?See pics attached

Last question, how can I search for previous topics I created in the UiPath forum?