Archive files after 1 week

Hi, Is there any way and suggestion to archive file after 1 week using uipath?


Hi @mashy2,
What kind of file do you want to archive? If it’s just normal file I don’t think using UiPath is that necessary. 7zip, winzip and other application have their own CMD commands. Base on this you can build batch file/script and use Task Scheduler to archive files using those command written in batch file ;).
Of course with UiPath this is also possible but more work to do. You need to build robot which will be running over and over and will be searching for trigger or any kind of let say “impulse” to do the task.

Hi, I would like to archive excel file.

Is it possible for the impulse is for the robot need to recognize the date?

For example, if day of the week is complete. robot will trigger the task?

Thank you!

Like we used to say: “Sky is the limit!” :smiley:
But you need to remember that if this particular file is located in your computer (not any network drive) your robot will need to run all the time in the background. This means you computer will need also.
With a batch file script there no need for this. It will be triggered by Task Scheduler as soon as conditions will be true. This means computer need to be on only in the scheduled time.

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thanks for the input