AR and UR on Dev Orchestrator

Hi All,
My client has procured the Orchestrator and robot license. When I uploaded the license on Orchestrator. It shows suppose
4 Attended Robot
5 Unattended Robots
6 Development Robots
0 Non Production Robot
They have also procured 6 Studio license.

So my queries are:

  1. Since 6 studio licenses are procured, that’s the reason why 6 Development robots are visible.
  2. If the procurement is done just for analysis (Dev phase) then how come 4 AR and 5 UR are visible. As far as I know AR and UR are for Prod env.

Hoping for a quick response.

@ovi Could you please explain this licensing… @qateam can you help this or if Ovi is busy, please include right person in this discussion.

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Hi @prashant015

  1. That’s true, the Development Robots are to connect your Studio (and the Robot that comes with it) to Orchestrator.
  2. You said above that your client has procured Orchestrator and Robot licenses. That means that the 4 Attended and 5 Unattended are part of the purchase. The license code you have used to generate the file to upload in Orchestrator has attached to it the number of Robots of each type you showed above.

As you probably know, in Orcestrator, licensing is per tenant. So if dev team has access to a tenant and you have production in a different tenant(or different Orchestrator instances: dev/test and production) you will have to upload 2 different license files.

This means that you will need two license codes (one containing only the Development Robots and another one the Attended and Unattended) in order to generate two different license files based on your needs.

For now, in order to make these kind of changes you have to contact support team:

I hope this helps,

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Hi @ovi,
Please confirm my understanding.
My client has purchased 4AR, 5UR and 6 studio license and with that they got 6 DR too. All these type of robots can be a part of 1 Dev Orchestrator.

For production deployment,
Different set of robots and orchestrator license will be required to procure from UiPath.

Hoping for a response.

No, the Robots can be shared any way you want across tenants/Orchestrator instances. From my understanding, you want the 6 Dev Robots on a tenant/Orchestrator and the other 4 AR and 5 UR on another.

But you can set any configuration you want or need with the existing Robots you have. You just have to contact support to set your preferred configuration in our systems also.

Hi @ovi,
If I understood correct, so you mean I can take 6 Studio license based on which 6 DR will be given. Now I can take 2 orchestrator, 1 for dev and another for Prod.
6 DR will be part of dev orchestrator and for prod orchestrator, 4AR and 5UR can be taken.
However, UiPath provides this feasibility that 6DR, 4AR and 5UR can be shared between dev and prod orchestrator.
If yes, can you please share the link from where I can refer how this sharing of robots between orchestrator/tenants can be done or we need to contact support team only for getting this configuration done on Enterprise version and it’s valid for v2018.1.4 or later?