Aprenda a pronunciar Create sender list and create IF condition

Hello team,
Can someone help me?
I need to read outlook inbox messages, create a sender list to make an if condition that will download the sender’s attachment x, y, z etc … I am having trouble creating the list. The output doesn’t match what I need

AbrirOutlook.xaml (7,4,KB)

As you are displaying the list everytime, I hope the output is looking as unexpected @KMota

so try printing the item everytime or looping the list and print each value so that you can understand that easily

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Hi @HareeshMR

so simple, lol thank you very much


Can you help me with the IF expression for Collection? Type: If email equals xx @ xx or yy @ yy

Just drag the IF condition and place it as item.tostring.equals(mail Id) @KMota

In this case, equals doesn’t work because I only need the address between <>

the value before that can be varied


Yeah got it ,

then use mail.Sender.Address


I believe I did not understand the type of expression

doesn’t work either

mail.Sender.Address.Equals(“mail id”)

sorry I missed that :slight_smile:

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hi @HareeshMR

Nothing yet. I don’t know if the types of variables are correct, I’ve tried to change them in many ways.
I know it must be a very simple thing, but I can’t figure it out :sob:
AbrirOutlook.xaml (8,9,KB)

Here is the modified file @KMota, nothing to worry :slight_smile:

AbrirOutlook(1).xaml (9.1 KB)

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You do not believe that I copied all from your code and still gave error, then copied and pasted and was lol … will understand. Thank you so much for your patience, I’m still learning how to manipulate email data lol


Can you post the screenshot of the error you are getting @KMota? :slight_smile:

HI @HareeshMR

It was the same mistake. Option Strict On

But now it worked, thanks

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