Apps Today() function writes a day earlier to Data Service

Hello there,

I’m using an event to create an entity record from UiPath Apps directly. As seen below, I’m using Today() function for the date. Today is 19 Jan 2023, you can see the creation time in the second image.

It’s currently 17:00 locally (UTC+3), so the time-zone conversion can’t affect the date. It’s written as 18 Jan 2023 on Data Service

I checked the other topics similar to this topic but there was a robot processing the date/time and it was possible to convert it to the local date/time. In this case, it’s directly written to Data Service and there is no chance to correct it.

Thank you.

This problem is solved in the new expression language. Preview enrollment (via the insider portal) will be available in March, so be sure to register!

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