Apps Error when in preview or published

I am getting the following error when attempting to click the button for order status:

Basically I creating an app that is supposed to provide Order status information with just the order number details. they type in the order number and click on the order status button and it should populate the shipping date and tracking information but I keep getting the error the process is not found. The process has been published twice on the orchestrator, once under the development folder and once under production. I cannot get either to work.

Appreciate the help! TIA!


Did you pull the process into your App Studio? Or has the process name changed?


It seems the process has a wrong name.
Try to check if there blank spaces or separators, etc
i have seem this in other projects and the issue was cause different process names (with a single blank space)

I pulled it in directly from the orchestrator, so not sure how I would have changed the name from that.

in my case, my colleague has changed (accidently) the name in the json file
it can happen and I just dont know why
it would be out of my experience

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So I just added a new folder and changed the name of the process in there (removing the underscores in the name), and now it is working!!! Thank you all!


Thanks for the update @potchak ! :slight_smile:

Please mark your fix as a solution so that other members may find it.


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