📢 Apps + Data Service Integration: Public Preview

This is awesome!!!

UiPath Community find the complete tutorial here for the above feature: Apps + Data Service Integration: UiPath New Feature Update - YouTube


@Sarmad_Nadeem can you double-check the permissions for Data Service for your user and ensure that it’s enabled on that tenant?

Seems fine I guess?

Our engineering team is going to look into this and may reach out to you directly. Taking a shot in the dark here, but did you ever rename this tenant or your organization?

No, we haven’t changed the names from the start Evan.

Thank you so much.

@evan.cohen I have a suggestion for the UiPath Forum and the latest learn / use cases page ( Latest Learn/Use Cases Repository topics - UiPath Community Forum).

When announcing such a great new feature it would be very interesting for which use cases other companies use the new feature. The new feature significantly expands the functional scope of the apps.

For example, recently the feature file control has been added and I could immediately tell for which use cases we applied it since we have been waiting some time for the release. Use cases such as contract management (uploading contracts) and transfer of master data to ERP system by uploading an excel sheet, for example.


A short demo video of this feature in action! :+1:

cc: @evan.cohen


Sorry, if this already in the works, but it would be nice to have a way to reset the File Picker control after a file has been uploaded. Most likely an “X” button at the end of the “file uploaded” message.

This way App users can simply click the “x” and restore the file upload hotspot to drop another file.

I have gotten around to this with a workaround, but it may not be the best use of App features.


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Thank you @AndyMenon for the feedback. We shall add it as part of the roadmap

The pleasure is mine @Venkata_Rajendran ! Thanks for your attention to this matter.


@AndyMenon : Would you mind elaborating your workaround so as to benefit the rest of the folks who have the same scenario?

Hello @Venkata_Rajendran ,

I just sent you an email.


Sweet! :slight_smile:

I’ve been working with the Apps Studio for at least 3 weeks consistently and I have a suggestion to boost productivity.

Currently, we have to trigger the Resources Window each time by clicking into a control.
And we have to do this repeatedly.

Instead, would it be possible to have the Resources tab dock to the right side of the window so that users can drag the required resources into the App?

How would productivity go up?
I have a Create Entity Step with 4 input elements, and it takes 2 steps to trigger the Resources tab for each input element. That is a total of 8x steps just to trigger the Resources tab. And these steps would only increase with a more elaborate Entity.

With the suggested approach, the 8 steps could be eliminated and it would take only 4 steps to drag the bindings into the Create Entity step.

Again, this is a value-engineering based suggestion and assumes no constraints.


Did something change over the past 12-18 hours?
Please see this recording below . The App Studio Low-code menu features have stopped working. I have thus far done the following:

accessed by App studio on 2 different machines and the behavior is the same
restarted Chrome Browser
restarted the machine
The behavior persists on Chrome.

Same Tenant, same App, and same location in the App when accessed via New Edge, works perfectly.

Chrome, No!

What changed? :thinking:


Hey @AndyMenon we’re looking into this, can you DM me your .uiapp so we can take a look?

Hi Evan,

Did some work on the App today and App Studio seems to be working when using Chrome. Let me keep an eye on it to see when exactly it happens.


Hi @evan.cohen ,

Coming back to this I see the following happening.

The menu to add actions toggles on or off when there are multiple actions already added.

But, I just dragged a new Table Control and working inside the ValueChanged event and I was able to add the Set Value action inside of it.

However, when I switched back an existing Table control that already had many steps, I wasn’t able to add another step and the menu kept toggling on and off.

As a result, I rolled up all the existing steps, and then went to the end and typed in “Set Values” and hit Enter, I was able to create a new Set values step.

Here is another recording that shows how the menu behaves in Chrome. Around the point of my last thumbs up on the video track (0:32-0:40) the menu recovers for an instant , but then reverts back to its unstable self.


I hope this is helpful in troubleshooting the issue.


I’m having this same issue, but I can’t get it to work on Enterprise OR Community, do you have any ideas of what I should try for Community to get it to work there? I tried what Evan Cohen said and nothing changed :frowning: