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I’ve linked my App to a data service entity but post the initial connection I’ve made changes to the data in the entity via a process.

My issue is that the App doesn’t reflect these changes in the entity and needs to be refreshed.

Per the help guide, it looks like the data needs to be updated explicitly. How do you do this, is it just an create/update rule in the app will trigger the a global reload of the data?

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James - You are right, currently any data changes done outside of the App are not reflected automatically within the app.

Today, Apps doesn’t have a “refresh” function available but you can force reload of the data by forcing the expression to evaluate again.

I do this for my table control by doing -

  1. Set the Data Source of my table to use a Filter by adding a condition that UpdateTime should be less than an app variable.
  2. Then I add a button and call it Refresh.
  3. On the Clicked On event of the Refresh button, I add a rule to set the app variable to the current time using the Now() function.
  4. And that’s it, publish the app. Now, when the user clicks the Refresh button it forces the evaluation of the Filter rule again and loads all the data from the entity again.

Thanks Ankit. That worked fine.

On a separate note it looks like I was already refreshing the data service using a filter expressions but my data at source was wrong >.< This helped me confirm the issue though

Thanks for your help

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