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Hi Together,

I want to install a dependency between a switch and a field. When the switch is true show the field. If false, do not show it.

How to use control alignment in an if-clause without variable?

Otherwise, I have to set a variable and set it true or false… But that is quite a workaround.


@keerthi3595 thanks but it is about uipath apps

@PeCour ,

You can write direct expression on control based on that return true or false .

Hi @Arvind_Kumar1,
I tried it by using the expression below. Can you tell me where my error is?
on controlAlignment:
on test:
and with value binding.

But it did not work :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Solution is to enter =!Variable
No if formula is required.

@PeCour ,

Try now VB apps. its more simple.

Yeah, you are right. Just wanted to close my forum entry :+1:

Since we can’t convert existing Apps to VB apps, the old way will still be required.
Do you know if UiPath plans to publish a migration tool?

@PeCour ,

Migration tool is coming soon, where you can convert legacy apps to VB apps.


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