Apps - Attended Real time Communication

We are very excited to release our latest feature of Apps- Attended Robot real-time communication. This capability allows you to communicate between Apps and attended robots in real time. With this feature, we will be solving the performance issue of starting a new process every time, there is a need to communicate between Apps and Attended robots.

Using this capability, an App can start a process and communicate with the process any number of times by invoking various XAMLs in the process. This provides instantaneous real-time communication between Apps and robots and frees up the time required to start a new process every time.

You can read more about this in release notes

This capability entails the following changes in the way you build Apps and Workflows.

  • Build multiple XAMLs with a single automation project rather than building separate automation projects
  • Marking these XAMLS as β€œEntry points” so that they can be invoked from Apps
  • A new Studio Template that should be used that enables the communication between Apps and Attended robot
  • A new rule called β€œTrigger Workflow” that would be used in App Studio to invoke the corresponding XAML in the running attended process


  • Use of the latest activity package of UiPath Workflow Events ( Version 2.0.0 or higher )
  • Use of Robot version 23.4.4 or above

A market place solution demonstrating the capability is available here: Apps - Robot Real Time Communication Sample - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview

What is on the horizon
As part of the next steps, we will be solving the same for Unattended automation and apps using Queues. We are enhancing the queue rule in App Studio to not just add items to the queue but also receive the response when the queue item is processed. Using this rule and an unattended process monitoring the queue, we can build scalable, near real-time Apps- unattended automation capabilities.