Approval flow using Excel file as mapping tool


I have to define a set of email addresses that depends on a workflow approval.
I also decided to implement this functionality in an external xlsx file, like the Config one.

eg. First row: 1. Flow1 |,,
Second row: 2. Flow2 |,
Third row: 3. Flow3 |,

Which activities do you think are the most suitable in order to implement this functionality?

Hi @Ioana_Renard

Activities you intend to use depend on the infrastructure your org is using

obviously you need to use UiPAth.Mail.Activities and if your org is using a exchange server link for
mail automations us can use Exchange mail activities, if it is outlook you can use outlook activities etc more info here :point_right: UiPath docs

to read config file you can use workbook activities if office is not installed, if office is installed yu can use excel activities

hope this is helpful

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