Applying filter in excel


My Problem for the case is that , I get a below folder paths in a report extracted to excel and that also in a single cell. is for sale | Documents/b is for sale | Documents/c/c1/c2 is for sale | Documents/e/e2

from this i have to separate the folder name like (1) b, (2) c/c1/c2, (3) e/e2, and filter the rows from excel file which begins with the above separated name.
( like filter the rows starting with b, c/c1/c2 and e/e2 ), and write them in a separate excel file.

Please see the attached excel file. The sheet 1 has paths obtained, sheet 2 contains the file where filter is needed to apply. and sheet 3 contains the filtered result with the rows starting with above folder name.
Testbook for filter.xlsx (12.1 KB)

Please Help me to solve this logic. I am in urgent need of this solution.