Apply Sum with Excel

Hi everyone, i try to make a sum of column, but when i try to use the activity, a error appear and say “The Column name is Invalid”.

I see the topic How to sum all values in a column of an excel/Datatable? but dont know how the others do.

Anyone can give me a example?


Thanks !!!


Have you checked headers flag while reading excel?

Yes, but nothing, i dont know what can it be.

Hi @RpaTest_Pwc

Have you checked if your column in Excel has any spaces before or after the actual word Suma?

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Sorry for my ignorance, i put .Trim and now works !

Thank you !

The only reason I knew it instantly was because I’ve seen this issue in the past :slight_smile: That’s the beauty of sharing knowledge on this forum - it’s a journey to become a better rpa developer.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask, that’s the best way to learn and we’re here to help :slight_smile:


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