Apply multiple colors to excel cells

HI Friends, I have an excel file with clients names and its subtypes(sub-headers) as shown in below screenshot
Screenshot-1 - for the client-1

Screenshot-2 - for the client-2

I have totally 60 clients and I need to set the different colors for different clients .

May I know how to apply multiple colors to the selected cells like in the above screenshots.

Please find my excel file attached for your reference and advice me any suggestions on how to proceed.

Excel file :
Book11.xlsx (1.0 MB)

Eshwar Sai

Hi @eshwarsai_ks
Read each cell value and check with if condition and then use Set Range Color activity.

Set Range Color activity to set a color for a range(“A1:A2”) or a cell(“A1”).

To Set Green color use System.Drawing.Color.Green in Color and To Set Red color use System.Drawing.Color.Red in color input.