Application login failed while automating

Hi Team,

Please help me out. I am able to execute manually the application path and login the same but while doing automate , it is giving an error saying “No user Signed in” . That’s a desktop app I’m using.
I am using Start Process in UiPath.
Fetching through config file but later on tried giving path manually as well still not working at all. If anyone has faced this kind of issue! I’m fed up doing the same. Kindly help me.


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Hey @hemal

You mean the application login fails when bot tries but passed when you do manually ?

Is that right ?


Hey yes you understood correct

Finally I just did.

I created the short-cut on desktop from network and from the advanced settings of the app, checked as run as administrator. Now it’s working fine.


Thanks for your time.

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Great, Cool :slight_smile:

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