Application issue


I need your help.

When I have open me application and try to download data appears me the below message.

The data download is from the specific appliacation.

What I’m doing wrong?

Screenshot 2021-12-18 222257


Pls check once whether it is repeating when doing manually as well
This looks something with the application used


The message appears repeatedly.

What do you mean by doing it manually?

Thank you

When you are getting this error - is it when running from Studio


Because I want to make automated.

The same from assistant

As the error message states, is network connection is enabled in your machine

I mentioned this to check whether this error is coming even while trying to download manually and not through studio or assistant


Oh sorry

When I’ m doing it manually I don’t have the error

The online at the message is application name

If it involves GUI interaction like bot uses interacts with any field or button in that application make sure you are using ATTACH WINDOW activity if it’s a desktop application or ATTACH BROWSER activity if it’s a web application
And only inside that use the remaining activities that interact with GUI elements of that application


Good morning,

Even with attach window I get the same message.

Also I can’ t uncheck this from application scope.

Maybe this the issue?

The main application is: … ONLINE and when I connect is …ONLINE, PORTAL

Screenshot 2021-12-19 111658