Application is not supporting

Hi All,

I am trying to Automate one Application. I don’t know the scripting language for that application. when i am trying to indicate screen it went to not responding state. I ran studio with Admin access. Still, it is not working. Recoring also not working in this case. Are there any applications which Uipath Doesn’t Support.

Thanks in Advance.


Ideally UiPath can support any desktop / web application. Have you tried with any other application on the same PC ? Is it a desktop or web application ? My wild guess, there are remote chances of disabling screen scrapping in that application…not sure.

Thanks for the Response. It is web application only. i have tried with different applications in my PC. For those applications it is fine. Remote Chances? Can you Please explain them?

I some where read that it is possible to disallow screen scrapping / automation…I don’t know how…in that case this website cannot be accessed by UiPath…again wild guess…not too sure.