Application inside an application

Hello everyone,

I want to run application inside an application. When starts the second aplication in new window I take the mesage that it can run only throw first (basic) application. I’ ve try with attached window and I didn’t resolve my issue.

Can anybody help me?

To be more clear about my question, I want inside an application to download
data. The application open new window from another .exe archive that
belongs to same path. When I’ m doing manually everything is ok but when
I’ m doing throw uipath sent me error that second .exe archive can only
be executed throw the first application. What can I do? I have try also
with attach window and I get the same error. Can you help me?

Don’t know if you already did this. But, make sure you are not nesting the attached windows activities together.

Can you be more specifically please?

Also if this help, when I make debug I don’t get the errobut when I run the file I get the error message