Application in a process not supporting Windows Serer 2016 (Hyper-V ?)

We have UiPath installed on a Virtual Machine running Windows Server 2016 (let’s call it VM_UiPath)
We have an application that is used in a process we want to automate.
However this application is not supporting Windows Server 2016, the latest is Windows 2012 R2.
Running it in compatibility mode is not working either.

I have read something about a feature in Windows Server 2016 called Hyper-V. What does this mean and how does this work? Can we in our VM_UiPath open up another LOCAL VM_Windows_2012_R2, and then from UiPath installed on VM_UiPath use the application in VM_Windows_2012_R2.

The other option I see is to setup a second VM machine running Windows 2012 R2 (but it would have been nice to have everything in one machine).

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@P_S Yes Hyper -V can create virtual machines. You can use VM_Windows_2012_R2 as VM Machine In Your VM_UiPath.
But then VM_Windows_2012_R2 works as VM so you could work as Citrix Environment.
But sorry I am not know how to set up these things.
I have worked as such environment but only through Powershell Command, no interaction of UI