Application - Get Access to SubWindow with PDF


application creates PDF based on selected data and opens this PDF in
an extra window that looks like this:

I have three windows:


How do I get access to the third one in order to press “download”?



Thx for any suggestions.

Kind regards,

You can send hotkey Ctrl+S if you want to download it.

Hello @VanjaV ,

I hope you are using a VM to acess these PDF? Also is your robot installed in the same machine?

iF YES, Then you can use the normal click activity. But click activity should be inside the Use Application/Browser actiivty.

Also instead of opening it in a browser. Can you try to open in a pdf reader?
Set the default application as a reader for pdf files.

The document opens with click on the button inside of application.

did you try to use the app/web recorder to record the action on that button? iF NOT WORKING CAN YOU TRY WITH COMPUTER VISION