Application cloud not be opend

I am getting an error when using a Start Process activity to open an Excel file. The Excel file opens fine but I still get an error saying that the “Application could not be opened.”

Hi @ameerzain
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You have missed the file extension in file name field and you could use open application Activity to oen excel file.Try this

Hi @ameerzain

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You have to provide extension and also you have to give which application to start



I need to open a multiple file’s


Then you have to run this inside a loop with each file name…you cannot directly give the folder and expect it to open all files inside the folder

Run a loop on for each file in folder
Inside use start process and instead of file location give currentfile.FullName

Then it will open all


Or we can just use file instead of using the file location. Right. It’ll open all files.


What do you mean filename?

What does that filename contain?

Where you want to give file?

Can you be more specific on what you want?