Application Bug [String manipulation]

How can extract the last digit number to the grid.
Example i have

Instrument No Book No Page no
1 365 003
2 369 008
3 389 011

Find only book number and page number because book number and page number have pdf,
i am using data scraping but no response because number is not in series

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did we try with screen scrapping and obtain the output with a variable of type string
–then use STRING MANIPULATION methods like regex or split method
Cheers @himanshur

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Data in grid view change rapidly

Hi @himanshur

Based on While condition use get attribute and indicate on the screen and ensure you make the selector dynamic and then use build data table and bind data row and add the values and after that use ismatch activity and do the manipulation

the expression for regex is (\d+)(?!.*\d)

Ashwin S

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Hi @himanshur

You can do string manipulation for that.Please read this article for your reference.

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Hi @himanshur,

Variable name: oldString
Variable type: String
oldString = 1 365 003

You can use:
Assign activity Or Multiple Assign activity, where

newString1 = oldString.Split(" "c)(2).ToString
newString1 = 365

newString2 = oldString.Split(" "c)(3).ToString
newString2 = 003


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