Application access to a bot developer

I am pretty new to RPA so excuse me if this is a dumb question.

Would a bot developer have access to all applications that a user wants to automate using an attended bot?

That is, for example if a user wants to automate a process that used few web sites, desktop apps and microsoft apps. Would the bot developer require the same level of access to all the apps and functions the attended bot user will have?

I think the better way to put this is that the bot developer (a person) will need access to all of the applications. The bot user of the attended bot will need the same.

  1. Developer must be able to interact with the applications to gather descriptors and generate the process.

  2. The attended bot will be operating with the credentials of the user.

If SSO gets you access to all of the applications for both, then you’re good and done. If there are individual separate authentications for some or all of the applications, then you have options. Probably the best is to get the user (and the developer) to enter the credentials. But you can store those credentials in local store or Orchestrator to automate the authentication.

In the Unattended robot scenario, the same basic rules apply. The Unattended robot is installed for a user and operates with that user’s credentials.