Appending two data tables in the same from where the other one left off

Good Day

i have two table ds.Tables(0) and ds.Tables(“items”)

when i am writing on excel i start from A1 ===>ds.Tables(0) and E1====>ds.Tables(“items”)
everything is displayed properly now after writing and the are more invoices to be written on the same sheet i append ds.Tables(0) then after append ds.Tables(“items”) and information goes on the secon line which is noot the same results i want to ensure that the bot write that yellow highlighted information red highlighted space, help

Apend range checks for the last updated row and then enters data after that row.
You need to keep track of the last row index and use write range specifying the row.


can u shown me an example of what you are saying cos write cell needs a starting cell which i would not know cos append range has no output field? @Madhavi

cos i’m exporting extraction Results and ds.Tables(0) writes table for item Instead of (Description, qty) that is why i thought of doing appending instead

you can do read range or read cell and check the record count. and use that record count as input for the starting cell in write range activity.