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Hey everyone,

I have process where i need to append certain columns some values like todays date to date column, number etc.

to A column I need to write date, to B sender.toString(the mail senders address), to C some hardcodded string.


11.11.2011------asdas@mail----“not sent”

(this is what the excel consists, I want to add (append) to next row)

11.11.2011------asdas@mail----“not sent”

any ideas?

Hi @berkaykor

Read the datatable and store in dt1 variable

Use add datarow to add the data to the dt1 variable in array format or in datarow format

Hope it helps you

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Thank you very much.

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Did it solved ur query @berkaykor

yes I used array to add to dt.

Is there I way I can use Now() to send date to excel?
array will be like


Hi @berkaykor

U mean to add date to a column ?

yes I edited the last respons like that


But since u want date in format dd.MM.yyyy

u can add now like this

{Now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”), sender.ToString, “success”}

It doesnt add the date, it writes dd.MM.yyyy to the column

System.DateTime.Now.ToString("dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss") working

Date I mean is in different format of dd.MM.yyyy

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