Append to a Excel that use date format

Hello, I wanted to add information at the end of my Excel file, the problem here is that all the Excel file is configured to use “US date” as format and the information I’m trying to add look like this:
ExcelFile(12)(0) = “WER23424”
ExcelFile(12)(1) = “3452”
ExcelFile(12)(3) = “123,45”

and Excel transform those into a date…

Is there any ways to bypass the Excel format?

Activity I’m using to do it:
Excel Application Scope
Append Range


If you do not want to change the excel format.
Set the format of cell or columns to Text and then write the data to the Excel.

Karthik Byggari

Kindly Append along with a single quote like this so that it will entered as a text in excel columns
“‘“ + “WER23424”
“‘“ + “3452”
“‘“ + “123,45”

Cheers @MaxyArthes

Thanks you! Totally forgot about this Excel option x) was too focused to find a solution that was about UiPath instead of Excel itself I guess.

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