Append Range: The process cannot access the file '\\internal...' because it is being used by another process

Hi all,

I have this problem and I logged these logs in events.
And the only difference I see is the order of operations. (0x100, 0x1, 0x2)
Do you have any ideea? I assume that when the bot crashed, operation 0x1 was at the same time as the other two, the other 2 not causing a problem if they happen at the same time as it seems in the logs when the bot was running.

Another solution didn’t work. I closed the excel before append…

Hi @anamariavioleta.dinca
Did you try closing the Excel from Task Manager?

Hi @anamariavioleta.dinca

Have you tried with Kill process activity?

Process name : “Excel”

When the bot crashed I checked the task manager and the excel was not there…

Yes, I still have the function that kills excel…

HI @anamariavioleta.dinca

Can yoi share the Screenshot of your workflow?

Do you have permission to access the folder location and Excel File?

So this is what the workflow looks like, but it repeats itself a few times because I have a few CSVs that need to be added to the file.

Also, the error occurs from time to time, not always.

Yes, I can acces the folder location and the file. Also the file is not locally.

Instead of workbook Append Range activity try with Excel Append range activity @anamariavioleta.dinca

I tried but it didn’t do what it should…

This error usually occurs if any Firewall protection / Anti-virus is enabled.
If it is enabled, disable it and try. and Try adding Delay before Append activity to allow some time before attempting to access the file again. This can also helpful if the file is temporarily locked.

Let me know if it works.

Mm, the thing is that I can’t disable the antivirus, because the bot doesn’t crash all the time, so that means I should have the antivirus disabled until it cracks, which can mean 1 whole week or more.
On the other hand, from what I see in the logs, the robot and the antivirus do not overlap.
Between the append range activities, are there other activities that could take the place of delay, right?