Append range: range doesnt exist

I have read a range then added a Data Column to this range.

  1. When I try to append my range to excel file, I receive exception: range doesn’t exist.
    2.While debugging I tried to append this name to csv file just to check, and it worked fine. So the range exists.

3.Also, when I append this range to excel as it is without adding a Data column, it is also works fine.

What’s the problem why it doesnt work for me in 1. ?

Are you Reading Range in the beginning, then adding this column, adding some more rows and then want to write back to the same excel? If so, i would just use write range and overwrite everything…

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I am writing it to the other excel

then why use append? it certainly error out trying to append a range that is different than the original one…

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Because target excel already has something inside. Besides I am doing append in loop.

You should not do that, only write to excel one time at the end, or this can become slow…

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Anyway it doesnt let me to append without a loop…