Append Range issues

Hi all, currently my append range is not working when I run it. The error message will be “The given key was not present in the dictionary”. The image attached is the file path, sheet name and the datatable with the data I needed to add on into the output excel. What could possibly be the issue?


Column Headers Mismatch: Ensure that the column headers in your Dictionary match the headers in the Excel file you are appending to. The activity uses the column headers as keys to identify where to append the data. If there is a mismatch, the error will occur.
Hidden Characters in Headers : Ensure that there are no hidden characters, extra spaces, or special characters in the column headers that might cause a mismatch.

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Ahhh I see! This is one issue that I have yet to check, Thanks!

Hi @SRoyi

May be your are taking the workbook name from config file. The key name in the dictionary is not correct. Please refer the config file and pass the key name properly.

Hope it helps!!

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Hi there, thanks for the suggestion! I will check this too

Yes @SRoyi

Happy Automation!!

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