Append range index was out of range

Hi team,
i’ve a problem with append range activity, when i try to append my datatable(10 columns) in an excel file of 10 columns, an error appear: “append range: index was out of range. Must be non negative and less than the size of the collection”- The sheet name is correct: “invoices”
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Hey :slight_smile:
Did you try it on debug mode and loop through the elements. Most often this is because we don’t have a datatable with the actual size we think we have. Maybe it wasn’t initialized?

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Tried to print with output datatable. Datatable has 10 columns just as it should

up please


I assume the datatable having 10 columns with some data in it. Append range should work. If it is not working try with merge datatable activity to append the data.