Append Range in Excel - How to get the row number

Hi all,

I have a large spreadsheet. First I do a “Filter Table” to find the rows I need to work with.

I read the results with “Read Range” with “Use Filter”-option on.

After some processing, I need to write some results back in the the sheet, but I don’t know what lines / rows the data was on.

Is there an easy way to know what line / row numbers I read in my “Read Range”? (So I can use Write Cell to write the data back to the correct lines)



an option could be following (with the assumption that rows are not unique)

  • read in datatable
  • add column with row index information
  • do filtering
  • rely on row index info when writing back

adding row index info have a look here:
AddRowIndexInfo.xaml (7.5 KB)

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Hi Peter. Thank you for the input!
That could work :slight_smile:

I was hoping that someone had really simple solution, where I would go “doh!” But now I will give this a shot :slight_smile:


Hi all… Just want to answer my own question. Using “Get selected range” right after the “Read range”, will return the exact row numbers form the spreadsheet.

Easy peasy… That solved it…


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